Truth be told, I am a film buff. Every weekend its a trip to the cinema with my unlimited pass whether there's something worth watching or not.
So last night it was IronMan 2 which without spoiling it for you all, its a bit naff, with an over complicated plot and way too much going on. Tony Stark, the main character, is ever so rich and of course a bit of a rogue and a playboy. Not a boring old fart which would be more realistic, but its all about escapism isn't it.. So there in his cliff top house in Malibu over the fire place was a lovely big a photograph from Richard Misrach's Gold Gate series (amazing what you can achieve from your own back yard). I spotted it straight away as I often do although I am always disappointed when its not a Doyle hanging there. Old Missy has had a fair few of these cameos over the years and although I don't remember the names of the films, I remember the pictures.
Its always the same though, an outrageously big house designed by the worlds finest architect with lots of wood and glass and fine imagery on the walls. Its not often you see good landscapes in a semi detached house full of clutter with limited wall space on or off the big screen, which is probably why you haven't seen mine yet.

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