Blue Mini (circa 2001, I think)

The above image is being used in the upcoming Fotorijeka held in Croatia in July of which I am proud to be playing a big part. With shows, and workshops, and slide shows and talks, it promises to be quite the event providing that flaming volcano in Iceland isn't still froffing.
I was delighted when they chose this image as it was to be the first big print that I ever sold in a gallery. Up to that point it was all 10/8's and the odd 12/16". The print was made to 30/40" and mounted on Aluminium. I was delighted when it sold even before the show officially opened (no such luck these days), and even more so when I sold another on the opening night. Not bad for a clapped out old Mini off a the Kingsland Road.

I bought a mountain bike with the money, then fell off and broke my collar bone and my helmet. Those were the days...

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