Christopher Payne.

Now, I have always been intrigued by haunted old buildings, be it Hotels, Theme Parks, some old house, an empty shopping centre, Grannies cellar, Hospitals, and in particular Asylums. As I have mentioned on here before I generally have no fears of entering anywhere so long as I am armed with a camera and may be a boot knife, or a pair of Nun Chucks. The possibilities of a good shot tend to erase any fears or self doubt (dangerous yes, bad, not really..)
But after seeing Christopher Payne's astonishing Asylum I shall probably never try and photograph an institutionalised building ever again. Why, because I can't imagine I would pull of a series as good as this.
Ok, some of the images may be a little too clean for the likes of I. But I love them and regardless and after a little research know this has been a vast undertaking for the photographer and certainly a case where there's lots of work before hand in terms of research. Something which the viewer is rarely aware of and takes for granted..

Be sure to look at North Brother Island too..

Time for a bit of Amazon book buying I think..

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