I am often amused by certain place names and have even found myself going somewhere just to say I have been. For instance, I just had to go to Paddy's Hole the other day when I was in Redcar. But if that was the premise of my post I would have to mention the Busty Baps roach coach I passed en route which almost made me choke on my dried cherries. But thats not the reason I went to Redcar in Sunderland. As part of my project I was interested in this particular part of the coast as I was aware of a couple of WWII bunkers on the shore line (turns out the tide was too far out and they just looked like big bricks, naff !). I was also intrigued to see the steel works there, in particular the blast furnaces which were Ridley Scots influence for the opening scene from Blade Runner. A strange place for sure, with pictures to follow at a later date.

Cant wait to go to Twatt.. (In Scotland)

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