Well I was all full of the joys of spring today. The sun was shining, which always makes me feel more handsome (impossible I hear you cry), and all seemed good in the world, even though its far from it....
So after my mornings workout, phone calls and realizing I hadn't attached the 90mm lens properly to my new 6/17 camera (thats right now I have it..) I thought I would check my photographic paper supplies before my next printing session.
I keep all my printing and camera gear in a small cupboard under the stairs and so without a second thought I squeezed into the hobbits den and pulled the door shut hoping it would be light tight. Sure enough I was in complete darkness and I opened the paper box in question and counted my precious sheets. It was at that moment that I realized there was no handle on the inside of the cupboard as the outside was a chub lock, and so I remained hunched over in the dark with just my thoughts for company and a sinking feeling of being a bit stupid. As in any survival situation the first rule is to sit down and think....Well I couldn't sit so I just had a think instead. After five minutes of hard thinking I was reminded of what a tit I am, then I remembered my wife was in Los Angeles for another two weeks and the cleaner wouldn't be round for another week. There was no room for me to barge the door down as I was pretty wedged in, and neither of my dogs could turn the door knob due to them not having any thumbs, but they did bark and taunt me like a rabbit. There was also the realization that the cupboard was light tight with not a lot of air and I was getting a right sweat on.
As my camera bag was in there with me I reached for a torch (very valuble for my night work), but this did nothing except tell me I was in a cupboard. I felt like Harry bloody Potter, he lived under the stairs, but at least he had a bed......I am guessing about an hour had passed before I had an idea. There in the corner was a dusty box of Kodak readyload film. I opened the box with my sweaty hands and pulled out a single sheet. Slipping the film between the door frame and the lock I was able to release the catch, a bit like the way they use a credit card in the movies, after a few attempts the door made way and I was free to go.
And so I stepped out into the light of the world, sweaty, dusty but feeling triumphant with the realization that if I had gone digital I would still be in there now smelly and afraid..


Boung said...

Yeah but If you had been using digital you wouldn't be in there to begin with!
PS. just found your blog today, love it by the way.

marcus doyle said...

Bugger, I never thought of that.