THE FOGGILIZER, Please come and save us..

I'm not one for using filters on a lens other than the odd neutral density. I personally find any filter that changes colours or turns candle flames into starbursts utterly and totally naff.
But today I discovered a filter which may be the the creme de la creme of crap; The Foggilizer.
'A unique filter that creates a soft-focus effect quickly and easily to highlight the subtle play of colours'.
ny one seen using this filter (or any like it) may need a bit of a slap although I am curious to see some results as I can't even imagine what kind of 'mess' it would make. But I guess its no different to the array of crazy effects you get from photo shop. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against enhancing an image, far from it, I'm just against devices that serve no purpose other than to create pure naff-ness....

Heres one for you; 'The Plagiarizer,' makes your images look just like someone elses...

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