Before you all flock to my show in a few weeks you may want to check out the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea (AFF) running from the 12th March until the 15th. With everything under £3000.00 (It used to be £2000.00) its a good place to begin before you perhaps stretch for a Gursky or perhaps a Doyley....
Yes its far too busy, and yes its in Battersea and an arse to get to, and yes it may be full of twits getting lost in the maze like set up and spilling red wine everywhere. But I do have a slight soft spot for this event because its where I made my first big (for me) sale. The image above was printed 30/40" on metallic paper and Die- Bond mounted to perspex which although not something I wouldn't do these days, it really did look fabulous. Although I felt quite attached to the thing I felt a little different when just one hour into the fair I had sold the image to a Swiss couple and the thought of spending filled my mind like butterflies. I would like to say I invested the money into my photography, or perhaps an Icelandic bank, but I spent it on rent and a packet of Minstrels..
I had sold my first big print, something I will always remember and it made me like one thousand four hundred and ten dollars..

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