It's not often that I compare my work publicly on a blog of justice like this. But on this instance I just had too.....
I may as well of photographed the Blackpool Tower, the Millennium Wheel, or some puppies in a basket.
That said, I should have known the quirky tree thing would get people reaching for their cameras, and who can blame them, it looks great. But it has to be said that I was probably the first to shoot this scene. How do I know this I hear you all cry. Well I was there when they where putting up the tree picture boards..
Oh yea, and mines better..... (top one if you didn't know)


ChloƩ said...

I just wanted to drop by and say that I absolutely adore your photographs, you are one of the photographers I have chosen to research as part of my A level photography, the colouring of your pictures are perfect!

The theme I'm focusing on is sanctuary and I believe this can be found in your photos, the whole stillness of them, you know, a real stop and take it all in kind of feeling that I get when I look at them. Would you say that sanctuary is a word you would use to describe your own photography? What are your opinions about the theme sanctuary being portrayed through a photograph? Any do's or don'ts for me?

It would be lovely to hear back from you as I really do think highly of your work!

Thanks for your time on reading!

marcus doyle said...

Thank you for you kind words.
Can you send me an email and I will tell you everything you need rather than post it here.