Make Way..

As much as I like to think of myself as a giver, for example this blog written solely for my few followers bringing them joy and hope, there are times when one has to feel like they are the center of the universe. For a lot of women (and perhaps a few men) this might be their wedding day, for a man this might be taking a bullet for a friend and then being on TV and in the Daily Sport. But for a photographer, not unlike myself, it has to be a big fat solo show in the center of London with champagne, sausages on sticks, and women so beautiful they make married men weep.
To produce these images I felt like a Vietnam veteran. I ignored pain, ignored weather, lived off the land and eat things that would make a billy goat puke (scotch eggs). But my friends of the painted light it was all worth it for these few hours. To suck in the comments, the flattery, and create a sense of well being that in child terms can only be described as ACE. This is something we must all experience once in a while, Why? Why bloody not.....
A splendid turn out on both nights (see above) and may what a fine display.
I plan to bore my readers (and fans) with more pitures later in the week. But for now these will have to do..
I Rock.

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