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Well my friends of the B Mode its finally here. The North Shores show begins tomorrow. You were here at the beginning and now you are here at the end. My most personal body of work to date, I've gone through one tent, one 90mm lens, two dark slides, one hundred sheets of film, one large fishing umbrella, lots of petrol, one car tire, put nine thousand miles on my car, and ate an awful lot of crap.

May be I will see you there, and if you quote B Mode you might get a discount...
Yeah right...

Marcus Doyle - North Shores 18th March - 11th April

This latest body of work explores the Scottish coastline from east to west. From ghost ships to man-made
beaches, Marcus has captured the impact man has had on this landscape.
The work was produced over a twelve month period in order to obtain the best light, tides and seasonal
activity. These images are unique in that Marcus has chosen to ‘look out’ from the landscape and its
borders as opposed to looking within at the urban sprawl which formed the basis for his earlier work.
For many years Marcus had considered this project as he was greatly influenced by his Grandfather
who painted the coastlines he has chosen to photograph. However, it has only been in the last year that
his knowledge of these areas and technical approach have been realized.

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30 x 40” C-Type Prints available in edition of 7.
Portfolio of all 16 prints, 20 x 24” C-Type Prints available in edition of 10 (1-10).
20 x 24” C-Type Prints available in edition of 10 (11-20).

Prices available on application.

You can see all the images here, but the prints are a thousand times better...

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