A very interesting lecture today from Martin Barnes, curator of photography at the V & A here in that there London. Of course such a place as the V & A only displays the very biggest of names and often in epic proportions, I am thinking in particular about the amazing Diane Arbus retrospect (2005/2006) and the magnificent Twighlight exhibit (2006) which included the likes of Gregory Crewson. Both of these shows blew me away at the time and I remember being so inspired I bought a new camera and headed for the Hills (Hollywood Hills that is Via Death Valley).. Today had a similar effect on me as I was reminded of why I went into photography in the first place. Lately, if I am honest, I have spent too long thinking about photography and not doing it. Theory this, theory that, it's simply no good for someone who relies on gut instinct and the 'tingle of the visual'.
Having said all that, heres a few pics in the old style, and yes, I love the cliche of decay..

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