I have frequented Dungeness more times than I care to remember and mentioned it on this mighty blog more than once or twice. But this place is a real gem, and one of my favorite hang outs in the UK. And so it was I packed some sandwiches and made haste in an attempt to free my mind and basically just walk around like I was in some old Leo Sayer video.
The first time I visited the post apocalyptic coastal village was about 18 years ago when I was trapped in Ashford, Kent, for the summer after falling for some dark haired wench, with eyes of brown and Arga in the kitchen. I was given loan of a Red Mini Metro which soon became known as the Tomato which got me far from the exploits of young love armed with a roll of Tri X and a small Contax camera.
Dungeness is one of those places where everyone has to take a photograph, usually of a crusty old boat or Derek Jarman's old nest, and despite its (over) popularity, I still love it after all these years..

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