Another hour with Michael Kenna.

I still loose myself every now and then in the work of Michael Kenna. Looking back now he has probably been one of my most,the most, influential photographer in terms of imagery. If you want consistency, he is your man. No matter where it is on the planet, he seems to sum up these timeless, magical images with the most simple of techniques and graphic form. Same format, same print size, same camera, same technique. He has never changed his style, tried to reinvent oneself, or sold out for a fee large format colour printer. I cannot think of any other photographer that has achieved so much photographically including the likes of Burtynsky and his recent Oil epic.
What is surprising is that he only has one teeny tiny gallery here in the UK which says a lot for British taste in my opinion, despite the countless number of books and exhibitions over the years and the fact that someone is buying a lot of prints somewhere..
I would urge you to take a look here, sit back and enjoy.
Many have tried to emulate his work with their ten stop Graduated Filters, and stumps in water, but theres only one original, and thats Kenna.

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