Silloth Diner, 2012

Monument Diner, 2004

That old Monument Diner image is still a favorite of mine and a favorite of others considering that the editions have now sold out apart from a few left in the 20/24" sizes.
My latest version has all the makings of a 'Monument Diner'. The subject matter, the composition, the light. All very similar, but totally different. This one was made in Scotland in a little place called Silloth. A regular day trip destination when I was a nipper. The mountain (more like a big hill than a mountain) in the window goes by the name of Griffel. I made it to the summit with my granddad a long time ago.
Not even sure if I will actually make this image into an edition as I think there is too much attachment and I would deem it too personal for the public to adhere to. But you never know.

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