Please be seated..

I have so many pictures of chairs to show them all would bore you to chair death. Its not the actual chair that I am interested in when I make a photograph, usually its because a chair, or chairs, happens to be in the frame that I have chosen, or, I am intrigued as to why the chair is there and just have to photograph it. I never intentionally go out looking for them. As I write I am reminded that I have done a post like this before and called it Take your Seats, but never mind.. I like to think about who might of sat in the chair, or perhaps it was dumped there in a rage, just waiting for someone to sit on it. Truth is I never know, but thats whats nice about the randomness of chairs, especially when they are placed out of context, ie, outside in a juicy landscape and not at a table or as part of a set..

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