Shortcut, 2012.

I always liked the dark winter nights as a youth. Not because I would get up to no good under the cover of darkness you understand, I just liked the darkness, the street lights and the transformation of well known surroundings.
It will come as no surprise to my regular peeps that my first colour images were taken at night and a large part of my memory projects images are made at night for this very reason. It also accounts for my love of small powerful flashlights, candles and fire. But thats a whole other topic.

Facts and trivia on street lamps..

Low Pressure Sodium (LPS) lamp is by far the most efficient light source used in street lighting. The lamps produce a monochromatic orange-yellow light, from lamps which are long and skinny.
It's not that orange is 'chosen' over white because of its colour, but that the 'best' (efficient and cheapest) form of light happens to be orange.

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