The Bureau

Granddad's Bureau, 2012

I have mentioned on here a few times my Grandfathers influence on me and my work. An artist and toymaker, he was always creating something, be it on paper, canvas, or from his workshop.
This image is of my Granddad's Bureau. I still remember the smell inside of the draws and finding all kinds of treasures from pen knives to boxes of pencils, charcoal, erasers and the odd pipe. The Bureau itself resides in my parents bedroom, inherited by my father some thirty years ago. Little did I realize at the time, but the Bureau itself was something of a shrine to my Grandfather. The note books, clock, painting (his own, Southerness, Scotland, 1950), a framed diploma, and a pocket watch all belonged to him. Whats wonderful about photography is that by photographing this Bureau, this object, it has become a personal record. A photograph of an object that itself has become an object for me to treasure. And lets not forget, it also forms a very important part of the ongoing Flowery Room project.

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