Without sounding like someone from the Facebook-twitter-argee-bargy, I seem to have slipped off the photography radar. Not that anyone cares, and why should they... A combination of a sick puppy, and film drought has left me wondering where the last month has gone.
I have often had to deal with long gaps of nothingness. By this I mean long gaps that should be filled with project ideas, fund raising (by whatever means), research, networking etc, etc. But all to often other things take over and photography gets pushed to one side. I get tired of people stating that. 'If you are not thinking of photography 24/7, then maybe you shouldn't be doing it'. I have always considered such statements to be utter balls. Robert Mapplethorpe often stated that he would much rather go to a party, than to a studio to make photographs. I have always considered it important to be able to switch off from photography, or anything else for that matter and we only have to look at the likes of Ansel Adams and his love of Jazz as a fine example of how may be we shouldn't be obsessive all of the time, just some of the time...
When you are young some things are everything, but when you get older everything is something.

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