Andre Alexander Giesemann

I love this idea, and the work of Andre Alexander Giesemann's Night Clubs (Von Bleiben) when every one has stumbled home and the lights are turned on.
On the few occassions as a youngster when I would stay in a night club for as long as it was open, there was always a great sense of dissapointment, especially if you thought that girl was pretty. But thats just me.
I always like images that leave you wondering. In this instance we are left wondering what the scene/scenes would look like full of people with the lights down low.

The point most people miss in my own work is that the images are often left open for interpretation, the idea being that you can imagine yourself there, or imagine what it would be like full of people, or at another time of day. I say this because the question I am often asked is, Why are there no people in your pictures? I could go on and give lengthy anwers here, but instead will leave you to make up your own mind..

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