The beautiful North.

As I journey back to the big smoke after completing (hopefully) phase 2 of my 'Beyond the flowery room' project, I can now reflect on the past, and, together with the power of WiFi I can write a little about my time in the North of the Island.

I am always over come by the generosity of the fellow Northerner and I think there is more to it than the fact that I am taking an interest in someone's business. Take for instance the little fella that owned the cafe by the sea, opening up his establishment after hours to allow me to go inside and make pictures. Or the lady at the museum who spent an hour telling me everything I needed to know and allowing me to access the secret chambers in the name of art. Let's also not forget the steam train driver with the big curly Tash who allowed a portrait by the big engine, or the fairground traveller who let me go on every ride for free.
These acts of kindness only encourage me more and more and I just hope my images are enough of a reward.

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