Here's a small selection from the ongoing memory project, or should I say, 'The Flowery Room' series. There's a bit of an Old School aesthetic going on here (for me at least), with a Urban Sprawl style night shot, a choo choo train with a lovely stormy sky, and a kitschy little number with some plastic flowers and a porcelain lady in a floppy hat.
Each image has significance in terms of my childhood and a particular memory which I will save for later, but the real clincher is the image taken at a fairground located along the Solway Coast. This particular fairground appeared every year in the same location around the Easter Holidays. I remember going to this very fair one bank holiday Monday with my parents. I remember winning a Goldfish with googly eyes, thunderous dark weather, and sitting on a miniature train ride with my fish in a bag. It was a good day.

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