Postcards From America.

As I question the What? Why? When? How? Of my work I cannot help feeling the need to just go off and make pictures. No reason, no rhyme, just nice images you might like to put on your wall.
When I heard about Alec Soth, Martin Parr and several other Magnum photographers taking an RV across the States to Rochester to do a project entitled Postcards From America it was the final straw and I just had to book a flight. The thought of cruising the back roads of the USA with no particular destination and just a camera and a bag of film, well that just tingles my berries and makes me happy. I should point out that those Magnum lot do have an gender as it is Rochester that was the birth place of Kodak and we all know what happened there... Personally I think its just an excuse to road trip and party.

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