Dear Marcus Doyle,

I visited your online portfolio, and I liked your work. So I would like to invite you to submit work for inclusion in Volume I of International Masters of Photography. A juried annual, invite-only, art photography publication presenting noteworthy photographers from all over the world.

Please note that inclusion in the book is not free, although it is free to submit images for consideration. To get an idea of the quality of our publications, you can view our previous books at: xxxxxxxxx

Photographers included in the book are also invited to participate in the exhibition we arrange at the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, and they will be invited to participate in our booths in international art fairs.

If you are interested, please contact me and I will send you detailed information about it.

With best regards,


I get several of this type of thing every year and I am sure others do too. 'The Invitational Sales Pitch', as I like to call it, never ceases to amaze me. Its almost as bad as the billionaire prince from Africa who needs you, yes you even though you have never met, to send him money so he can get back home to his family. Then of course he will pay you back ten fold and perhaps bake you a cake.

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