A Blurred Vision.

Having printed up the latest batch of images from 'The Flowery Room' (I showed a few last week),
I can see the project really starting to come together. Throughout my time as a photographer I have never shot work in the order or sequence in which they will be shown. Its a bit like a film director choosing to shoot the big end chase scene at the start of production for whatever reason.
The problem with shooting work in this manner is that it often doesn't sit well if you show the work before completion as it can come across as a bit of a jumble. This is one of the reasons I usually keep a lot of the work under wraps until completion although I have been known to realease a few trailers now and then.
Working on the MA has forced me to show work in a manner I am not used to with tutorials requiring 'a look at work done so far'. Last week I made the mistake of pulling out random images as an example of what I have been up to. Lets just say there may have been a few tumble weeds and the sound of a light breeze. I could of sequenced the images, or shown less work, but this is a weighty project for me and its too early to edit and perhaps go off track.
I do think projects need to be captured, edited, fine tuned, and then presented, and in that order, otherwise we are left confused with a blurred vision of what the finished work might be.
When Robert Adams wrote; "What is the photographer trying to do? Does he do it? Was it worth doing?" I am sure he wasn't referring to an unfinished project in no particular order...

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