Retiring an old friend...

There's something quite sad about retiring a camera. Once that box is in the loft, it might as well be in the ground.. Today I lay to rest the mighty 10/8, lovingly wrapped in bubble wrap along with a knackered Pentax 6/7 I was meaning to get fixed, but never did. Up there amongst the cobwebs and insulation I found a space next to the Pelicase of Hassleblads and a box containing a Contax G1 a T2 (good cameras, not robots) and a vast selection of lens caps. In this day and age I see no point in trying to sell something that was bought for hard earned cash for a few pounds and perhaps a bag of sweeties, neither will I pretend to one day resurrect these wonderful tools like someone who thinks they could run just as fast as they could when they were eighteen. Besides 10/8 film costs more than a car and I haven't used the beast in two years..

I am pretty sure that we have all heard a tale of someone finding a suitcase full of cameras in someone's loft. But I do wonder if finding a Digital Canon 5D Mark II will be the same as a box of Hassleblads, a suitcase of Leicas, or a mighty Toyo 10/8.

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