Joshua Dudley Greer.

Joshua Dudley Greer's American History series is quite fascinating, simple and informative, with some beautiful imagery. The project really works well, although as you will see, a fair amount of informative text is necessary to make the project what it is.
Its always interesting to look at images like Greer's without the text as the images simply don't work as well, but that's my point here. With work like this the text is So important I wonder what category I would put them in and although it could be said that 'every picture tells a story', I have to wonder what stories these images would tell without words, but I guess the same could be said for any image ever made without a title. I have always liked the idea of an image just being created to please the eye (fine art photography I guess) without need for a caption or title leaving the viewer to interpret the image in anyway they choose, but people will always want to know something about the image so its far from an ideal, personally speaking.
The series reminds me of Joel Sternfeld's 'On This Site' which are represented in a similar fashion as is the work of Taryn Simon and her Hidden and Unfamiliar series. These are two bodies of work I really like, just like this one.

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