I plan to set out tomorrow with what I hope will be the final leg of my Coastal Project, or whatever I end up calling it. I have spent almost four years on this baby and its time to pull out all the stops and nail this little bugger. There will be no celebration, fireworks, or champagne, just a sigh of relief and perhaps a sticky bun and a cup of tea.
On my last outing to the Salton Sea, which was my most epic project up until now, I stood on the shore waiting for the sun to set, released the shutter (see left) and knew my work was done. It was quite an emotional experience and like a reading book, I really didn't want to finish it. The Coastal Project however has been quite different and far more difficult to produce work both appealing and interesting while fulfilling my own wayward brief. I really don't think that I will have the sense of emotion and completion I had when finishing the Salton series, but I suppose that's one of the joys of photography in that each day/ project has a different ending.
Of course the work will not end there as the mammoth task of editing, scanning, colour balance, proofing, titles, dating, written word, dummies and all the rest will take a good few months. Only then will I know if it is truly finished.

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mark page said...

Looking forward to seeing it! Of course like you say the hard bit starts now. Goodluck with it Marcus.