I had always intended Lands End to be my last destination for the Coastal project and on Thursday morning I finally made it there. In my mind there seemed to be something oh so very final about such a place just from the name alone and having arrived there I felt like I was on the edge of some kind of abyss.
Looking out to see with the wind in my whiskers all I could think of was getting a shot before the sun broke through the cloud and ruined my day (I never shoot in bright sunny weather). The wind was particularly strong and the usual fighting with the Darkcloth as it flaps in my face and tries to blind me continued throughout my manic ten minutes while trying to produce something worthy of the Doyle label (image above not mine by the way). I did feel a slight relief, and a certain finality, in what is to be my last outing with regards to the Coastal Project, but I think it had to do more with not getting sand and salt water in my eyes and having to drive hundreds of miles on Britain's daft roads any more. Having said that, it was a good way to call it a day..

Like any natural wonder in the UK that has stood for thousands of years Lands End has been commercialised to the full with its overpriced car park, entry fees, tacky shops and as always a children's playground. I am always baffled, and admittedly a little fascinated, by the ruin that man brings upon the natural Earth stripping it bare of natural resources only to re-apply them in the form of a tourist attraction for something which was already there.. And there lies the idea for my next project...Stay tuned.

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