Photofusion receives continued support from Arts Council England

Photofusion is delighted to announce its inclusion in the ACE National Portfolio with secured funding until March 2015.

As image-making and lens-based technology continues to rapidly evolve, presenting almost limitless opportunities for photographers, the ACE investment is a valuable contribution towards enabling Photofusion to provide innovative, high-quality facilities that continually address and support the creative, technical and critical development of a photographer?s practice.

Alongside maintaining a gallery, picture library, professional studio, digital suite and analogue darkrooms, Photofusion?s focus over the next three years will involve progressing the artistic excellence of early career photographers, expanding our exhibition production services and developing our portfolio of engagement programmes in the local community.

ACE funding of £150,893 per year (an estimated 25% of our annual income) will provide a secure basis to maintain our facilities, invest in partnership-building and a platform to generate further income so Photofusion can continue its commitment to support photography in the UK.

I was rather delighted to hear this news regarding Photofusion , even though I did say the place had the smell of fish from the adjacent market. On a selfish note it means that at least I can still continue printing C Types from film based media in this digital revolution era.
It is sad that so many Art based budgets and grants have been slashed considerably. But that's what you get when government's don't give a hoot, not just about Art, but about peoples jobs and livelihood.
As for the Art's council, well they wont give me nothing, probably because when they ask on the grant application, 'Who you intended audience is?' I always put; "Friends, family and may be a neighbour.." But at least I am honest.

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