Now for something completely different.

Now the editing process is complete on the By Coastal project (yes I know I didn't bother coming up with a new title, but I did try, but may I say how pleased I am with the way it looks). It's time for the really boring bit of scanning, colour balance, lay out, etc, blah, blah, blah. The 'What Next' question has arisen a few times and I have a fair few ideas, some of which I have mentioned here on mine and yours favourite blog. I have been feeling the itch to go out and try something completely different giving myself a bit of a break from the old landscape. But this can sometimes strike disaster as I have seen in the past.
I once knew a fella who made magnificent Black and White landscapes photographs on enormous hand built cameras, we are talking so big you would need a truck to move them, or in his case a big fat jeep with the vechical itself acting as a camera support. One day the photographer in question somehow got access to a State Prison in the USA. It was the kind of place the worst criminals in America spent the rest of their lives (Albert Watson done a similar project in San Quinton with Death Row inmates). The images were shot on a 10/8 camera using colour film and lit using flash. Although the pictures where good. There were so far removed from what he was known for that no one could get their head round why he had taken them, or indeed that he had taken them at all. I have to admit to being a bit miffed myself, and there my friends is the problem. Its a bit like an actor changing to a music career, but why shouldn't they, they are after all entertainers and probably trained to sing at drama school.. Photographers are the same, most are more than capable of shooting something completely different than what they are known for, but the minute they do, people get a bit upset. Its just one of those stupid things we humans tend to do. We don't like change, especially when it comes from someone else..
May be I will go off and shoot a series of nudes in black and white... How could you I hear you cry, well actually that's what I used to do...

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