Green Frog. California. UK 2011
Blue Door. California UK. 2011

Holiday Park. California UK. 2011
Chippy. California UK 2011

Door to door it usually takes around twenty hours to get to California. Last week it took me about two and a half. I did not have access to some kind of rocket ship, neither did I travel through time. I was in fact working on my coastal project here in the UK. I have to be honest I would never of thought of going there had it not been for the name of the place (a bit like going to Twatt in Scotland), and as quirky and wonderful as I found it to be I am not sure if this is because it actually was, or because I just thought it was all because this tiny area of Britain was called California.
Looking back on the images its plain to see the place is 'off the radar' and a real jem for the likes of I. Stupidly I never made any images looking out to see because I really could of been in sunny California USA and it would of been a good mind bender, but a chippy in California is a good enough play along for me...

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