Where does one begin after a two week beige food fatty feast extravaganza and a dozen pair of socks?
I don't have much to show in terms of photography although I did manage a couple of frames out in the desert before wrecking my camera (as mentioned previously) with a combination of wind, rain and stupidity. But I will post those babies later.
What I did do was arrange myself a workshop space and have been busy fixing and modifying a couple of cameras to suit my own mysterious endeavours. I have always enjoyed using a more unique camera but it does come with a fair few issues. The mentioned 6/17 I took to the States has been adapted to produce a 6/12 negative and because of this I had to make my own viewfinder. I also added some slight rise and tilt movements with the help of some old 5/4 parts and a few trips to B & Q. What I was left with was something that resembled an old 110 camera with a very big lens on it. Anyway, as I sailed threw the security checks in Heathrow dressed in my sports casual attire I removed my booties and placed them with my camera bag. As the bag containing my camera passed through the X Ray, an alarm was sounded and shutters on either side of the machine locked shut.. I hadn't even thought to tell anyone I had a some crazy looking camera concealed in my fine leatherette bag.
"There's a weapon in the bag!" Apparently it looked like some big gun in the X Ray.
"Nahh" I cried," its a camera."
"What make of camera is it."
"It's Japanese, but I modified it a little." Obviously this was the wrong thing to say and I spent the next ten minutes explaining myself, and then another ten minutes taking the camera apart. Well we all laughed about it eventually, but a lesson was indeed learnt that day. Always wear booties when getting on a plane, it makes things much easier..

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