The above is something I always used to look for early in my work. A single light in a car park with a tree and a picnic bench. Its the epiphany of the Urban Sprawl and that mixture of Natural and Man-made that I try to keep consistent in my imagery. But there's a lot more to this particular image than a patch of grass and a very big bright lamp. To the right of the image is a large electricity power plant, to the left is a petrol station. Behind me there is a little Chef with a CCTV camera directly above where I stood to make the shot which I can only imagine was to record what people where having for lunch. And behind the tree is a large landfill site which really is quite smelly. So you see, not the nicest place to have a picnic... And before you start wondering why I never included all these obscenities in my final image, well one, it would of been a right cluttery mess, and two, my camera is wide but not that wide, but here's the petrol station for good measure, and the power station (although this was shot earlier in the day)..
Its nice to revert back toIts nice to revert back to a technique and style that I have not used for a while, especially when it forms part of a new project.

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