Pioneer Town. CA 2010

As with a lot of people at the moment I was feeling a little sickly last week, but rather wallow in my own snotty self pity I decided to print up some work from my last trip. To say I had an off day printing was probably an understatement and I had as much enthusiasm for it as a food factory Pie Filler. But what I found most unbearable was not the delicate colour balance in my prints, or the crappy Fuji paper I was using. It was the constant images of out of date carrots shot against a plain white background. There were carrots with mold, carrots with deformities, Siamese carrots, carrots with faces, a carrot that looked like a willy, a carrot that looked like a friend of mine, so on and so on, it was never ending. Every time I went to the paper processor low and behold a flaming carrot. I did not know who made them or what purpose they served, if any, all I know is that there were saddest images I have seen of any carrot, raw or cooked..
It probably wasn't the carrots that put me in a mood, but they sure did finish it off..
Anyway, despite the curse of the carrot and my deteriorating condition I was still able to produce a small array of images I was mildly happy with.
Bloody root vegetables...