The Doyle Experience..

Image by Nathan Doyle. 2010

So this week sees me accommodating my Nephew for his work experience. A week with Uncle Marcus, how great. I only wish I could of spent a week with myself when I was 14 rather than at the animal shelter mucking out pigs and wrestling wild beasts. The memories of been bitten by two dogs a cat and a big fat horse will always stay with me in what became one of the worst weeks of my younger life..
The week started well but Tuesday ended badly after I had forgot to engage my 6/17 to the tripod. The camera fell six feet onto concrete for the second time in the space of a fortnight (I am beginning to think that dam camera is cursed!), only this time the damage was a little more severe and involved a hammer, a bench grinder and a big pair of pliers to straighten everything out.. Once again I am left with a camera that looks like a burnt Wellington boot, but hey, its a tool, not an ornament... (do not loan me a camera).. I did however loan my Nephew a camera and it would seem that he has the Doyle eye when it comes to the urban landscape (see above image). So all was not lost.
Wednesday consisted of a trip to the darkroom, gallery and the studio, in what can only be described as a bit of a work experience frenzy..
Next up will be tea making, floor sweeping and perhaps a cushion fight...

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