The Old Dino Cafe...

Dino 2005/6

Dino Cafe 2010

I had toyed with the idea of slipping off to the old Salton Sea while I was in California just for old times sake, but the weather was big time lousy and sometimes, like a good holiday, its better not to return and spoil those memories. I did however make it to Palm Springs and the old Dino cafe (actually the Wagon Wheel Cafe). The cafe served as a stop off on the way back to Los Angeles for what had become a weekly ritual to The Salton Sea with all its stinky decaying loveliness. As the place was open 24/7 I would often find myself slumped over the above table slurping coffee and wondering if I could take on the Cop sitting at the bar.
The cafe itself is on the grounds of a small Dinosaur Museum, three roaring beasties and a car park originally built by Claude K Bell. The museum itself has since been expanded with an entrance fee and a dream of riches which is a shame as it had lost all its character. I was even told I needed a permit to take pictures which was plain nonsense as I was in a public space. I did however tell the young lady I in fact had a permit and would retrieve it from my car. Of course I did not have any kind of permitization and simply drove off on the wrong side of the road shouting ' Fat Permit Arseholes.'

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