Angus Fraser...

Kryziu Kalnas, Lithuania. From the Shrine series by Angus Fraser.

You may recall me mentioning last year that I was dabbling in a little part time lecturing and practical tutorials (think Indiana Jones). An enlightening experience indeed keeping me on my toes with a realisation that there are plenty of other like minded people out there. Last weeks outdoor assignment was in the photographically rich, Del Boy frequented, Margate. Once the students were set their task and sent seaward I managed to take a little walk along the coast with my photographic friend and college Angus Fraser. I have always been familiar with Angus' work having been turned away very early on from a gallery due to one of his large scale night shots, which although nothing like my large scale night shots, it was too similar in tone and content to allow my work through the door (all said and done the gallery is long gone so that's that).
What I find most intriguing about Angus and his work is that we began our careers at the same time, took totally different routes, but arrived at the same place some fifthteen years later sharing similar views and opinions on photography.
So there we were walking along the sea shore, Angus heading towards a location he had wanted to photograph and me clocking areas I would return to later in the day (when the tide was in). We were like Pirates searching for photographic jewels with our lofty cameras and Goretex jackets. It was a good day with some beautiful light and sand in our shoes...

As with any 'top of the range photographer' Angus has a fine array of work, but by far my favourite series is his ongoing SHRINE, an exceptional series of images and one of those, 'I wish I'd thought of that' projects.

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