I was supposed to be having an event at the gallery tomorrow night. An evening of fine wine and chitty chat. After a few glasses of the Chardonnay I was going to do a little talk about my images, a kind of walk around thing, and then give everyone a copy of my Night Vision book (paperback version). Two thousand invites and not even enough replies for an arm wrestle.
May be it's timing, may be its the location, may be its because people have discovered I am a moody git, or may be, just may be, people won''t pay ten quid (for fancy wines, not wine from a box under the counter, or money in my pocket) for as much wine as they like and would rather pay twenty five quid a pop at the Sanderson Hotel around the corner..
Well at least I never took the time to do one of my famous Power Point presentations.
May be if the event was a freebie (a bit like an opening) there would of been an overwhelming response (a bit like the opening). But you can't expect everything for free can you?
I thought it wasn't bad for the price of a cinema ticket.
But I'm not bitter, just glad I saved myself a tenner..

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Reid said...

I would have paid £10.50!