I have been back and forward on Peter Brown's work for a little while now. Its a finely done body of work all based in the United States. Its heavy in Stephen Shore style content, precise and honest, but every time I look at it, it leaves me cold. Basically the work bores me. Bright and technically perfect, Brown's work is fine document looking at parts of America, but to me an image needs to be more than a picture of something, documentation or not.. The images certainly dont make me want to be there which is something I think most people want to feel in a landscape. Nor do they move me in the way of say a Richard Misrach or Joel Meyerowitz image might, but I think the reason here is Brown's use of bright white sunlight which tends to render everything flat and lifeless..
Anyway I thought I would mention this fella who has twenty five years more experience than me and has a lengthy CV to boot, but so what. The real reason is simply because he's been on every blog I have read today, all of which commend him greatly. May be I'm missing something, perhaps its emotion.....
Not for me PB..


Bryan S said...

Hi Marcus,

I think you ought to read this interview I did with Peter for Ahorn Magazine:


He addresses some of what you're talking about and it may give you some insight to appreciate his work. Maybe not though, as you two are the polar opposite in how you handle light.

Much of what you criticize him for he works precisely to achieve, and it's ultimately a matter of preference.

Warm regards,

marcus doyle said...

Thanks for sending these articles and taking the time to write.
My personal view of Browns work is that although I realise what he is doing, I just dont want to look at the images which at first glance just look like a poor mans Stephen Shore.
I understand the Walker Evans and Bill Christenbury influence Brown has and I do rate his work highly regarding what it stands for. But it just doesn't crab you like some of the photographers that have gone before. I am probably not the best person to criticise the work as I am all about the impact on the viewer and tend to do work that I call 'fruity' and rich in colour.
Horses for courses I guess. I just tire of what I consider to be the mundane. Doesn't mean its not good work though..
Thanks again,