Concrete Island..

I really wasn't sure if I could stomach another sea side town this month as I set off for Canvey Island yesterday, but with the hope of a 'Iceland Volcanic Dust Cloud Sunset Marvel', I loaded up the car, filled the old Thermos wth coffee and headed South West.
I can't believe I still get a little bit of that child hood excitement when I see the sea. The memories of sandy egg sarnies on the beach, a runaway donkey perhaps, a kiddy with glass in their foot, and the promise of fun at the fair with friction burns from the Helter Skelter always raises a smile. But Canvey Island (separated by the mainland through a system of creeks underground so you would never know it was an Island) is not your usual sea side town as you wouldn't even know the sea was near by as any view of it is obstructed by the Berlin wall. A great big concrete sea defence and one of the most elaborate I have ever seen. Even when the tide was in I was unsure that this ten feet high barrier would ever fill its potential as I walked alone along its huge shadow. But then, just as I was thinking to myself how glorious it was to be outdoors, a big cargo ship drifted past, and its wake created waves like those from Hawaii Five O. The word Drenched comes to mind, along with, balls, bollox and whats that in my socks...
Well once I discovered why the wall was there I moved on and waited for the sun to set. As it was only two in the pm, and I needed to dry out, I thought I would have a luncheon at Sues cafe and perhaps drink some tea while contemplating my movements. I often arrive way too early at most locations but never mind the waiting around for the light to change or the motivation to kick in. I consider it an important part of the process which is why I rarely have anyone with me as it would bore them to death and I would probably have a tantrum and knock them out at some point.. My thoughts on the Island where this; I would wait until dusk (perhaps have a little snooze in the car), and then when the fairground lights and the street lights came on I would make my move.. Five hours later I was still waiting, it would seem that the entire town was on some energy saving scheme with only one street light working and perhaps a couple of flashing lights from 'Fun land where the fun never ends..'
The promise of a purple haze gloryous sunset was a lie and I began to wonder if that volcano in Iceland did really did erupt or whether all the airport staff in the UK had some party to go to..
Slightly dismayed and let down with what Canvey had to offer I headed back to the car vowing never to return to the isle of concrete. And then I spotted it, an image which would pretty much summed up my day. The crappest knackered old hobby horse for 50p a ride which came with the theme tune to Bonanza (that old cowboy program back in the eighties). But the real gem above it was the CCTV camera in full few which gave me the juxtaposed kind of thing I often look for . I made a few exposures and was about to leave when I was accosted by some big beardy fella who claimed I may be filming kiddies (ridiculous I know), but as always I was polite (although I did think about a quick upper cut to the jaw) and explained my standing in the photographic community. But this was not enough and I had to speak to the owner who was in fact his wife, and boy did she get angry, but not at me (why should she?) but at her fatty of a husband who had tried to swing his weight with me. "You bloody fat idiot! Why are you bothering this nice young man who wants to take pictures of my beautiful 1920's Horse" (hence the camera as the horse was apperntly valuable and the other two were nicked). She then apologised to me profusely and proceeded to tell me the towns entire history over a cuppa...And then I went home.

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