Its that time of year again...

Shortly after my last London show a month ago I decided to step away from the British gallery scene for a while. My work will still be held with galleries here and will be available for viewing, but I'm not even thinking about having another show for at least eighteen months. The market place here in London is abysmal at the moment and I cant help comparing it to how it was five years and even ten years ago (which was better but still naff compared to Europe and the US). Its like trying to sell sick in a bag and all its done is leave me out of pocket and as bitter as a lemsip.
I have said it before and I will say it again;
'People in the UK don't buy photographs, they buy big TV's and ready meals.'
The inventor of photography, that is to say Great Britain, which has given birth to some of the worlds greatest photographers may well be interested in its history and all those 'golden oldies' as well it should. But its not so interested in its future. Sometimes I think people here don't even know Contemporary photography here exists..
I could go on, but I would rather be out taking photographs and getting in a mood..

My photography will never stop, but the UK exhibitions just might.


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marcus doyle said...

Cheers Tom!

Reid said...

Ha haaa! I havent heard you have a rant like that in a while!!! You sound like me! Bitter and Twisted like Darth Vader! Think yourself lucky your not in Carlisle. People here are the tightest in the world!!! Saying that, I do own a big Tv and eat the odd ready meal!
I can quote what I was told by the owner of Solway Studio on my works experience 22 years ago.
"Dont be a photographer if you want to be Rich"
Another quote I remember is

marcus doyle said...

What about, 'come here and give us a kiss.' Sorry, that happened to me, not you..
Wonder if shes still alive.