Vincent Fournier.

Vincent Fournier
is simply brilliant and his work rocks. The Big Space series on his website is as epic as it is out of this world and I would urge you to spend some time there.
It seems to me that French photographers are never publicised much here in the UK.(Do we still not get on with the French's ?) Personally I see them as a bigger threat than that D├╝sseldorf lot and those clinically perfect Swiss types with all their fresh air, glaciers and nice cameras. We need only to look through history for evidence of their greatness, with the likes of Robert Doiseau, Henri Cartier Bresson I invented the decisive moment even though its all staged and I never wanted to be a photographer anyway, Jaques Henry Lartigue I am only six years old and my photographs are ace, and of course Brassai although technically he was Hungarian.
They are out there my friends and they are good....


mark page said...

And Bloody Atget! I'm renamed him Bloody Atget after a ten thousand word dissertation I had to write about him.

marcus doyle said...

How could I forget that Bloody Atget.
His Paris night work is amongst my favourites. Saw a couple in the flesh a few years ago, amazing..