The House Martin And The Cinema show felt good from the early edit. It was a chance to show the people of the world that I don't just do pretty night shots and gives a little insight into what I have been up to for the last ten or so years.
The thing that was most difficult was curating the show itself because each image is quite different in colour, tone and depth, although the overall Urban theme remains throughout. But Laura Noble of the Diemar Noble excelled herself where I could not and what was left is a really nice looking show.
The opening was a real delight and I had made a point of not only inviting people who have bought from me in the past, but also friends who were there during my early beginnings working in this way. The result was a very nice crowd of people and a wonderful evening.

The only gripe I have is that there was not more space (as if two floors is not enough!), but thats more down to the size of the images which are a fairly big and not the size of the gallery. I think this show in particular really gives an insight into how I work. I produce hundreds of images I am pleased with and am not one of those photographers who releases one or two images a year, you can see that by my website. I just cant work that way. Maybe that's my down fall, I don't know, but I could never do a Gursky and work on one image for months on end. I am not an artist using photography as a medium, I am a photographer calling myself an artist (how on earth did I get onto that). I tend to produce an image and quickly move on. Having said that I dont do series either, well not in the 'these all look the same' kind of thing..
Anyway, before I go completely off track go and see the show, its a good'un.

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mark page said...

From the pictures it looks grand. Well done and if ever a photographer deserves a swanky London solo it's you.....