Dont Fluff It!

As you may know by now I am a sucker for the 'beauty in decay', and the land that goes with it, so the work of Eric Lusito has to be a fine example. Admittedly I am close to saturation point with all this decay business (as much as I love it) but I do find Lusito's work quite refreshing, one reason maybe because I tire of Chernobyl or the Katrina aftermath and its constant redux in photography.

'After the Wall, Traces of The Soviet Empire' is a fine piece of work. I picked up the book the other day in a moment of rain drenched weakness in town after refusing to pay seven quid for the new look BJP and wanted some photographic inspiration (I have looked at my show images for too long). When I look through the book I feel this is a photographer who has put a lot of time and thought into his images. So often is the case that when we are subject to positive photographic potential we 'fluff' the images by just wanting to get it on film in case something happens rather than slowing down and thinking about composition and light. I have always had a similar feeling with the likes of Stephen Shore and others like him but feel this may be an unfair comparison as the work is so different.
I can't help thinking these days that a lot of the so called 'big' names in contemporary landscape photography just don't deserve a lot of the good press they are getting (especially British photographers). People need to look outside the box., may be they should start with Eric Lusito.
You can see a good bit of this wonderful work here.

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