Image Joshua Lutz.

There is something oh so 'Joel Sternfeld' about Joshua Lutz's work. So it comes as no surprise to learn that he works out of New York with a 10/8 camera photographing landscape and the people within it.
His Meadowlands series is quite beautiful and I would urge you to check it out, but if I may be so bold, Lutz, like myself, is not quite there yet. Let me explain. All the images are fantastic, real thinking mans stuff. But when images like this are thrown together they simply dont sit well side by side. Its a problem I too encounter when trying to sit a night shot next to an image made in the middle of the day. But this is what happens when you are trying to do a large body of work. Theres gaps to be filled, but this can take many years. But what are we to do in the mean time, show nothing! I really believe this is the case with Lutz (although I may be way off). Its a jumble, but a jumble of fine images which do think will be something wonderful when its complete, if that is indeed his intention.

A nice chap in the gallery yesterday told me how refreshing it was to see a body of work where all the images are different instead of the 'usual series' where upon the images all look quite similar. I did certainly feel that this current show is a bit of a 'jumble'. But my intention has always been for people to view 'one' image at a time and not the whole lot all at once, that's just boring.

I think most photographers need time. Time to mature, time to finish the project, time to reflect, time to sell out the editions, and time to try and make a living. The world is just too impatient and wants everything yesterday, including all the images you have ever taken. Its a photographic cannibal and it needs to slow down..

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