One beautiful sunny morning in Los Angeles I was awakened by the Fedex man as he delivered a heavy square box. Like a child on Christmas morning I excitedly opened the box and beheld my first printed book; Night Vision. Beautiful Images By The Words Most Handsome Photographer.
I flicked through the book happy as can be, put on my shorts and went for a run up into the Hollywood Hills. I had so much energy I broke all records for speed and after a Rocky style jumping in the air above the Hollywood Sign I made my way back to the apartment as fast as a leopard. Powering along I waved to everyone I saw, whether I knew them or not, but unfortunately did not see the pavement flag sticking up from the ground just opposite the Village Coffee Shop. I flew through the air like a kite and landed in amongst four beautiful Los Angeles Dollies sitting by the pavement drinking coffee. To avoid any major embarrassment to myself I lay there still and silent, as if knocked unconscious by my mighty fall, as the four beauties touched and caressed me fearing the worst. A car screeched to a halt, people cried out 'Is he ok', someone shouted 'has that bald dude been it by a car.' And then I arose, picked up my cap, dusted myself off, assured everyone I was ok, and hobbled back to the apartment with blooded hands and knees like a child in a concrete playground. I was wounded, I was embarrassed, I was bald. But most of all, I was happy....

My first book (published in 2005) will soon be available in both soft back and in the collectors edition hardback with slip case and editioned print directly from me or through Diemar Noble Photography.
I will probably put something on the old webarooney, but in the meantime this will have to do.

People have been known to cut the pages out and frame them. Thats a bit like tearing pages out of a Bible and using them to roll a joint. It might work well, but it doesn't mean its right.


Boung said...

Wicked! I've been looking for your book but couldn't find them anywhere. I'm sure they'll look better than tiny JPEG (which still look stunning), and a long overdue bridge between web and prints. Well print would be nice, but im a lowly college kid, cant afford 'em. Any info on price?

marcus doyle said...

The paper back is around £20.00 which is great because everyone can have one.
don't have a price on the hardback yet as its not been finalised (gallery commission etc).