Baby Jaden..

So today sees the first instalment of What Is England? Curated by Stuart Pilkington who must have the greatest organisation skills on the planet.

For my first instalment I decided to photograph my nephew Baby Jaden. A smashing little fella who loves nothing more than a bath in his mothers sink.
I too was often bathed as a wee child in the kitchen sink, that was until I was too fat to fit in it preferring Condensed Milk to my mothers apparently.
The sink tradition has been in the Doyle family for generations so I thought what better way to show my interpretation of Cumbria.
This shot was taken on my 5/4 in a steamy hot kitchen, hence the misty effect (no its not soft focus). Not the easiest of tasks for shooting a six month old tot on large format, but thats why I rock.

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