Its not just a house with a light on.

I have often made light of Todd Hido's work on here, in particular his 'Roaming' series which I didn't like much and compared it to another body of work (also by Toddy) which looked exactly the same but called something else. There is also the fact that a lot of my work gets compared to his 'Houses at Night' stuff which always bothers me as he's not the first person to photograph a house at night with the lights on and the only similarity in mine and Hido's work is that its shot at night.
A little while back I was reading an article of Todds over on the amazing American Suburb X (which has to be the best Blog out there for sure) called Ohio which you can read for yourself here.
While your at it you should also read the Two Way Street piece as together they make up one of the most interesting projects I have ever come across.
I am not stating that Todd Hido was never a serious artist, I heard him talk in San Francisco a few years back and have seen several of his workings on line (some of which are posted on here somewhere) and he's very serious about his work, no question. So often is the case, especially with, shall we say, 'pretty pictures', the artist is never taken as serious as they should be. "There just pretty pictures with no depth or real meaning". But I believe there can be a real nativity on the viewers behalf when they look, but don't see.
I also do not think Tido's (see what I did there) new work would have the weight it has had it not been for his 'Pretty' pictures in the past. The wonderment of his mysterious houses at night has given him the foundations to produce new work which is so personal that it transforms Hido into one of the most influential and gifted photographers working today.
This new work makes me look at the older projects differently and makes a lot more sense now.
One of the problems of producing a life's work is that sometimes a lot of the work doesn't make sense early on until it (and the photographer) matures and produces other work to tie everything together.

Mines the second image.

Lots of other very interesting stuff over on the X.

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