Kodak retires Tri-X 320 medium-format films

Kodak has announced that it was stopping production of its popular medium-format Kodak Professional Tri-X 320 films. The US-based firm blamed the decision on decreasing sales numbers

Launched more than 50 years ago, the Kodak Professional Tri-X 320 films were popular with photojournalists and documentary photographers. The 320 films were available in 120 and 220 pro-pack of five rolls.

'Based on current sales, product is expected to be available in the market through March 2010,' says Kodak in a statement. It adds that the Kodak Professional Tri-X 400 films will continue to be available.

Up until today, Kodak continued to market the Tri-X 320 film as 'world's best selling black-and-white film.' It said: 'This classic black-and-white film allows for maximum pushability when he needs it, while its wide exposure latitude lets him leverage even the most challenging lighting situations. And the distinctive grain structure adds a level of realism as dramatic and profound as each subject.'

The Tri-X 320 films will also continue to be available in sheet format. For more details on availability, visit Kodak's website here.

Best start saving for that Hassleblad MK IV or whatever its called...


mark page said...

Fiji will see us right...

mark page said...

sorry that should be Fuji although I like the word Fiji.

marcus doyle said...

Not sure about that. Where's their Readyload, in fact where's there 10/8, 10/12, 12/16, 20/24 boxes of paper..
I'm moving to Fiji, sounds nice..