I may be bitter, but so's dark chocolate and that's delicious..

As its now the build up to the next show with invites to produce and press releases to be released. I happened to mention a certain magazine with an aim to getting a little publicity for the extravaganza which is to be in March. Upon approach the words Never Heard Of Him where passed on to me in a quiet whisper.

Now then.

1. It has never been my intention to become a well known photographer, if I wanted that I would of gone into fashion with just the name Doyle, or perhaps made a low budget horror movie or released a sex tape.

2. Take a look at the work, then if you like it decide if you want to run with it. This is how you get to know who I am and what I do.

3. Thirty shows, a nice book (not self published), once a printer to some of the best photographers in the world with an insight few have. One of the few remaining large format landscape photographers working in the UK not taking photographs on a phone. May be you should of heard of me..

4. You should of said, Why haven't I heard of you instead of being what I consider quite rude.
By the way, I haven't heard of the guy that said it..

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